23 September 2010

green smoothie

:: a little note about my cooking style::
I usually don't measure much, so my recipes are to be used with a grain of salt...haha! If you don't care for a certain ingredient, then leave it out and/or substitute something else for it. 
Experiment and have fun!

Around these parts my kids call this green "hice cream". We like to have it for a snack in the morning or in the afternoon after naps. It's refreshing and very fruity! While my little one is still getting her teeth in, salads don't make it onto her dinner plate, but I know she is getting greens when we have our green "hice cream". We blend up almost a full container and split it among two kids and two adults.

Sometime around April I came across this post by Shivaya Naturals. I didn't join the challenge officially, but I started making green smoothies for the kids and me. Starting out I had this stick blender, and boy it had to work to make even chunky smoothies. But we were drinking them.  My husband tried a bit and would participate every once in awhile. Then I started looking into powerful blenders. We ended buying a refurbished Vita-Mix 5200. If you are in the market, I recommend it, but sign up for their emails and wait for the deal that fits your family--they seem to have them often. For us, we have found that it was a good buy to get us eating healthier and loving it too! Not to mention it makes some great hummus. We are still going strong, though not every day. It has been a wonderful addition to our changing diet. If you have any good green smoothie recipes please share; it is nice to try something new.