31 October 2010

art every day month

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Shannon from Free Spirit Knits has an e-course this winter that I have been looking forward to, and I have set aside some money from my birthday to be a part of it. Today, she shared about an adventure she's taking part in called Art Every Day Month. It starts tomorrow, and I took the plunge and signed up too. There are no hard commitments, so you decide what you can do and don't have to worry if you miss some days. After all, this is supposed to be fun, not demanding.
Art for me is a way to release negative tension and find inspiration. My goals will be to try out different mediums: watercolor, acrylic paint, photography, doodling, working with nature, cooking, and fiber arts. I also want to include my kids in some projects or allow them to share in the process with their own artwork. Other times I will set aside some afternoon quiet-time or evening for some more intense projects. We even have a three day trip planned to Oklahoma in November but I plan to knit in the car (the only place I seem to knit this project) and doodle with markers, when I'm not driving. If you would like to join in on the challenge, just click on the button above and sign-up. 

May November bring you inspiration and tranquility.