20 October 2010

Autumn Mobile

Today was a beautiful Autumn day. Golden leaves fell like a soft rain. Our cottonwood tree will soon be filling our front yard with lots of golden love. I enjoy laying down on a favorite quilt and looking up into the stunning, blue sky as little, yellow hearts dance in the wind and then fall gently on the ground.

This week I made a mobile to remind me of the Autumn dance that we look forward to every October.

Our Autumn mobile hangs in our sunroom and the window quilt mirrors our blue sky as the cottonwood leaves appear to be floating down to the ground.

First we chose a stick found during our Mother's Day hike this year. I spaced marks by eye to be drilled. 

My husband helped drill tiny holes where I had marked them on the stick.

A couple of large acorns were also drilled for easy stringing. 

Here are some of our gathered treasures for the mobile and a couple supplies. 
Pine cones from our yard, cottonwood leaves, acorns gathered during our trip to Texas, two stone leaves from my local yarn/bead store, cotton thread for stringing our treasures, our special stick and needles for threading.

I choose to use only a few holes for this mobile and one on each end for our hanging string. I cut individual strings with several knots on top of the stick to keep them from falling down. 

I chose to lay out my treasures to see how it worked together before I began threading. Pine cones and stone beads were placed on the bottom of the string for weight. To keep the acorns from sliding down, I tied a knot or two under them. The leaves were simply attached and were able to slide with help.  After clipping any extra string, I hung our mobile in the warmest and brightest room in the house to enjoy. 

I had hoped to add some colorful knitted leaves to our mobile but my knitting list seems to be growing faster than I can knit. Some knitting patterns to check out on Ravelry for this project :: Autumn Acorn :: Maple Leaf :: Autumn Oak Leaf or you can see all the patterns at Natural Suburbia.

May your Autumn season be full of love.