03 October 2010


wax resist watercolor
Our family celebrated Michaelmas for the first time this year. We found it to be a delightful and quite appropriate festival for Autumn. Please visit the Autumn 2010 edition of Rhythm of the Home for one excellent description of Michaelmas. Waldorf education is fairly new to us, but we have been excited about all the benefits it has brought to our little ones and us, as parents.

Wednesday was Michaelmas and we had a day full of adventure and fun. I spent Tuesday hand sewing a special treat for the children to have a physical object to touch.

Pattern from ROTH
They had seen the little dragon forming during the day, but come morning he was sitting on the kitchen table, much to my son's delight.  After breakfast the children and I dressed for dragon hunting with our stick swords, silk capes, and birthday crowns. [Because this is our first year for everything we are slowly and simply adding to our celebrations.] As we walked around the neighborhood we could see several gardens that still needed harvesting. We wanted to protect the hard work the families had put into growing their gardens, so we searched for the dragon to make him leave our land and harvests alone. We were victorious, and the rest of way home we shouted for joy!

Dragon bread, from left to right: head, body with legs and wings, tail
Later in the day, we made dragon bread  with sunflower seed spikes and teeth. We enjoyed the bread with some seasoned tomato sauce while Daddy shared a story.