06 December 2010

art every day month :: conclusion

An adorable owl mobile designed by Made by Joel
I knew my scraps from printmaking class in college would come in handy someday. 
:: photo edited ::

There was no way I was letting the "negative" image go to waste. 

What do you do when you don't have the time or resources to make tapered beeswax candles? This is my take on the advent calender and wreath all in one. The kids glue on a star for each day. Four candle silhouettes are illuminated, one for each week. 

Getting ready for next year's paperwork. The last couple years I have used a one-page calender to keep track of when bills are due -quarterly, monthly or yearly. When a bill is paid I make a note, so when my husband or I need a quick reminder it is all in one place. This year I wanted to jazz it up a bit with some doodles. Who says paying bills can't be enjoyable....
in case you need a little calendar too, here's black and white copy for you! Let me know if you have trouble printing or any mistakes. 

a quick marker doodle

I suppose the markers won out for the most used media this month. 

I have done some fiber art too! My first felted project, mittens for the kids. I also finished my car-kitting project that took most of the year and started a sweater for my son while my husband started a sweater for our daughter. 

When I was a girl, my sister and I would spread newspaper on the table, pull out a couple drawers of stamps and spend some time stamping away. It was fun to pull them out again and play around a little. 

I've been reading a lot about advent spirals, like this one, so it was naturally what I found myself drawing. 

That concludes my art every day month but check out the other artists

This won't be my only art this winter...check out Shannon's e-course Inside Out,  I'm already signed up and quite giddy about it too!