29 May 2012

days like today

We all have them. 
Days that are full of little or big things that pile on our shoulders and weigh us down. 

I woke early with a dream lingering that seemed to taint my mood all day. 
we left the house late for storytime at the library, already missing half of the program. 
then I struggle to find a parking spot
I just drive off
with a very disappointed boy in the backseat
we air up bike tires hoping that is all that is needed
as we are out, we notice our dog is out, again. 
my nice scarf subs for a leash

What I want to remember about today

snuggling on the couch several times today to read to my children
without them asking first
my husband writing on all our wrists 
I <3 U!
My son drawing on my arm
[the first letter for each member of our family]
my daughter spending close to an hour making colorful circles
all the way up my arm with colored pens
taking her time
with a gentle touch
and her sweet smile
hugs and kisses 
watering my plants that still need to be planted/potted
getting my hands messy as I dig, pot and plant
harvesting a few stalks of rhubarb from my yard
then cooking a sweet spread for our morning toast
from bread a neighbor baked for us
seeing my neighbor with her sweet, newborn girl
the sounds of my family as they play

May my joy be like a salve that can soothe and comfort me on rough days.