23 August 2012


Our lives are made up of layers. 
Each one of these layers make up who we are, who we will be. I am beginning to see that each layer in my life has it's moments that form a softness, a uniqueness, a quality to who I am. 

This painting is a learning process, much like my life. I am allowing myself to be imperfect, to try new things, to allow my instincts to lead my hands. There are no limitations as I pour a cup of paint on the canvas and spread around the puddles, drip glue, plaster a feather that seams to dance as if under water. 

I am learning to let go, allowing myself to be in the moment and not plan ahead or figure out what it is supposed to be. I find it difficult to keep adding when it reaches a point I like. What if I ruin it? But what if my next step makes it even better? Much like my choices in life. What if our next decision is a mistake? But what if it allows my life to bloom?

When was the last time you allowed yourself to let go and just create? 
Did you learn something about yourself?

"A secret freedom opens through a crevice you can barely see."