29 November 2012



Do you know how hard it is to put yourself out there
just to say that simple phrase? 

perhaps you are

moving to a new neighborhood
showing up for the first time at a gathering full of strangers
greeting someone you have seen a million times but never talked to before

or maybe
you needed to remove yourself for a time

in order to find out what you had to offer
to heal from a great loss
to remove the judgement of others
to discover who you are or what you believe in

and now you feel it is time
to open up again

you see
you are not alone
I'm right there with you

because today
"what if?" 
scares me a little less
and "imagine."
 is my daily guide

Imagine that your next "hello" 
opens the door to 
authentically belonging
right where you are

"It's time ~ you know it's true- to see and to be seen.
Shed your mask and glory in the light you bring.
Know in the core of yourself the masterpiece you are
and thank the Universe by showing up. 
It's time ~ you know it's true."