15 January 2013

dreaming big

Have you ever let yourself dream big? 
I mean really big. 

Every time I pass this building I begin to dream. 

At first, the name on the building caught my eye and I considered it as a name for my first child, then second.

Recently, this old school building has been deserted and is now up for sale. I have never stepped inside but my big dreams have taken root. I see a little shop with quality herbs, books that foster imagination, handmade toys, art that I have created and now adorn the walls waiting for someone to take them home. I see women gathering to laugh, dance, doing yoga, hula hooping, crafting. 

Can you hear the clicking of knitting needles, the release of breath as women gather together and see that they are not alone after all. Neighbors coming together in a safe place. Celebrations filling the air during the changing of the seasons. Can you feel the possibility of something finding a new purpose? 

In the yard, I see a natural play area for kids and raised beds for gardening. I see a space for healing herbs to grow and for people of all ages to walk, meditate, to just be around these quiet healers. Right now the ground is covered in sand with little green except for patches  in the front. But this side yard can come to life. This dry land can help provide for the wildlife that lives in this neighborhood. 

This is my big dream. 

need more inspiration to dream big? 

Shannon : Inside Out