16 April 2013

letting go of fear

Fear is a strong force but we can choose to recognize it and then let it go. That is not easy, at least for me. Growing up fear was with me as I made decisions. Mostly, the fear led me to choose what would allow me to go unseen, fade into the wall and not make much of a splash. I did what I was supposed to and tried not get into trouble with anyone with authority.

It served its purpose but at a price. 
I learned not to shine. 
I feared everything. 

In high school, I began this long, slow journey of letting go of some of my fears that had held me captive but this fear(less) skin is still unfamiliar. It is easy to return to those patterns of fear and making decisions based on them. One thing that I have found that is stronger than my fears is my tenacious love. It lures me away from the wall and tells me to shine brightly. This tenacious love holds me close and shows me how to let go of each and every fear one deep breath at a time. Choosing love takes practice. I created the art above as a reminder that though fear is my old pattern, I have within me a tenacious love.

today I will let go of fear
and hold tightly to my tenacious love,
I will shine.