13 June 2013

studio view : five

WIP : acrylic on canvas

like a nervous little rabbit 
I jump alert at the slightest threat

the smoke rises
swirling with the breath of the wind

the walls that hold this life
girl, boy, man, woman
what else is needed

in a moment 
we might flee 
and the walls
these things
what is left behind
will it remain

the release 
of what used to hold me down
now is just a journey
of making space
to breathe 
to live
to laugh


This week has been weaving an interesting tapestry starting with the peaceful tones of Hannah's Making Space, and quite dramatically the red thread began to weave as fires began to burn near my town and in other parts of the Colorado. We have not had to leave our home, though not everyone in our state has been as fortunate. My experience differs from those that fled, but I can still hold my own experience for the truth it shared with me. 

I have allowed myself to be surrounded by things I do not love. I tend to gather things for future projects that I never get around to, like material that could be used in sewing projects but sewing, my friends, is not my passion. Yet, here in my studio I have stock-piled material that could be good for this or that. DIY is addicting...even if you never get around to doing it yourself. 

I am still exploring what this week has brought to the surface and my ever faithful art is helping the emotions flow; with words, paint, camera. Healing art.