04 June 2013

studio view :: four

This week I am taking time to play. Here is a work-in-progress ACEO. 
The acronym ACEO stands for Art Cards, Editions and Originals. 
All ACEO's measure just 3.5 x 2.5 inches. 

Yesterday, my kids and I took time to experiment with glue batiks. We started with some white fabric as our canvas. Then, we drew patterns, stamped and smeared gel glue onto the fabric. We allowed this to dry. Later in the evening, we pulled out some acrylic paint, watered it down, and painted our fabric. After allowing it to dry again we were then able to soak it in warm/hot water to dissolve the glue, with the help of a scrub brush I removed almost all the glue. Granted, the goal is to remove all the glue but I grew tired and impatient and noticed some of the color fading with all the scrubbing. The thing to remember (what I try to remember) when trying something new is to let go of perfection.

I am planning on hanging these from branches and hanging them around the house and outside to bring some cheerful color to our living spaces.

When we give ourselves the space to play 
we allow our creativity to blossom.