02 July 2013


Sale on Morning Magic : 8x10 print
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10 years ago my husband and I braved the hot summer heat of Texas and started our family.  Every morning we enjoy a hot cup of coffee and so I want to share in our joy by offering a sale on Morning Magic: 8x10. The shop will be closing for two weeks as we celebrate but will remain open for the rest of today. Prints will be mailed tomorrow. 
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#VirtualBubbleFlashMob #JoyUp
Hannah Marcotti just announced An Event to Remember - Joy Up style. :: August 1st-12th 
Yesterday, we had a virtual bubble flash mob to celebrate the announcement of the next Joy Up. 
I love the community that gathers around Hannah. There is so much joy, love and support from these amazing women. Hannah is authentic and creates space for us to be as well. I have never been disappointed in any program Hannah has lovingly brought forth. In fact quite the opposite..I have been moved and changed by them. If you are drawn to her work then take a healthy risk and join in. 


Leonie Dawson is full of gigglesnorts and love and she just found out that she's pregnant! Last year, I joined her Goddess Circle, now Amazing Biz and Life Academy. There is so much to share about her offerings but for now I just wanted to encourage you to take some time to reflect on the first part of the year and refresh your intentions for this second half. If you are unsure where to start Leonie's workbooks have a wealth of guidance that I, myself, have been using this year. 

More to come on intentions for the second half of the year as I reflect on my word for 2013: Abundance. 

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