29 September 2013

joyful song

irreplaceable will be available soon in the shop in  "a little love" size,  (2.5" x 3.5")

Let the joy rise
let it kiss your crimson lips
that sings it's wild song
Let it linger in the space between
the sand on your toes
and the teasing beauty of the sea 
Let the spirits circle
the fire blaze
we have found our voices
in the midst of letting go
we in our own time
stepped within the trusted embrace
of a woman saying yes
Let our bodies
remove the strangled clothing of fear
and may it gather dust
as we wade in the moon kissed moments
of belonging to our dreams 
Let this chorus of us, fully alive
fill the sun drenched sky
and let the feathers from our
outstretched wings release
for we no longer say, “I am alone” 
Let that hidden dance release
from the rigid words of, “I can't.”
let it flow like a river
joining in with the expansive rhythm
beating from within 
Let your passion fly
as we gather, shadow and light
baring our heart and soul
and the joyful song sings itself
Lynnette Hunter