14 November 2013

settling in sensitive revolution

This page is from my current vision book that I began during Hannah Marcotti's Spirits of Joy. It was a page that just came, with no prompting...it needed to be spoken, for me to hear it.

" I've already moved past the doubt
put aside the fear
Here and now trust your instincts
you never know what you might discover
you can never stop me
from being myself
so bring on the sensational change
and feel the intensity
I love who I am
and I'm settling in sensitive revolution"

When I say I've put aside the fear, it doesn't mean that it isn't still there, taunting me with it's lies. What I mean is that I am not allowing fear to keep me from my life, my dreams, my passion. I am slowly learning how to share my truth. Allowing it to be louder than the echos of past lies that say I'm not worthy, that I believed. 

Today, I want to say that I am worthy.
 I am breaking that echo of a lie. 

Have you ever needed a way to mark these days of declaration? Perhaps getting a tattoo, writing a song, buying equipment to start a business, planting a tree or commissioning an art piece. Sometimes we just need something to remind of of how strong we really are. We need to show ourselves and those around us that we claim this truth that has always been there, we just weren't able to see it before. 

light and love