05 December 2013

magical days

Our neighborhood has amazing visitors. Bears, foxes, birds, and deer. The painting above is a work in progress that happened today. The buck painted is wounded and is sticking close to our area. I see him almost daily along with a good handful of other deer. I've tracked his path in a recent snow when he got wounded. I have stood on my porch as he jumped into my yard and watched as he questioned his strength to jump our double gates. I've opened a easy passage for him to leave our yard and witnessed his weary exit. I've driven into our driveway and been welcomed home as he rested in our back yard. This buck is wild, yet I have looked into his eyes. The image above is to remember that moment. I can't wait to get prints made and share him with you all.

Until then, I do have a little sneak peek of some prints I just ordered and will be stocking in my etsy shop.

May your homes be warm,
and may your arms be full 
of the ones you love.