04 January 2014

starting off the new year

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"She decided to start living the life she imagined" 
- author unknown

I opened my etsy shop last April. It was thrilling to finally, after years of saying I wanted one, to start selling my artwork. To claim the title "artist" and pursue a creative life beyond a small hobby. My husband and I worked together to arrange a schedule that we could try and it was wonderful, for me. During our driving last week we reviewed our rhythm and felt it needed a change, something that worked for both our personalities. You see when you are working on your dreams, all you can do it try. When something isn't working as well as you need it to, allow yourself to try something new. I have had the support of my husband through it all and I want to support his needs too. Following your dreams means you know your needs and the needs of your family and you find a way, to flourish and allow your family to flourish too.

Naturally, I'm using the fresh slate of a new year to spur on some changes, re-evaluate my dreams and goals. I'm checking in with other responsibilities around my home and family life to see what needs a bit of fresh air.

So, I'm sharing my new year joy with you all by having a sale in my shop! 

I hope your new year is full of joy, magic and dreams-come-true. 

light and love,