16 October 2010

Oregon trip :: part 1

Recently, my family went on an adventure.  We are looking for a place to build our cob home in the future. Oregon and Virginia seem to be top on the list, so we decided to scout out some of Oregon and see the coast. Of course, there was lots of driving before we even got to the coast.  Driving with two small kids for a week straight is an adventure all in itself. It requires some flexibility, patience and longer breaks to give them room to move and be loud. Here is the first glimpse of our trip. I hope you enjoy.


Gunnison, Colorado
This park was a favorite rest stop for the whole family, with a climbing rock and two-story, spiraling slide that had all of us whooping with delight.

near Moab, Utah
As storm clouds loomed, we switched drivers and soon drove through rain, strong winds and hail.  What an amazing sight though.

Though dry and lacking greenery were we drove, Utah had some amazing views. The peaks seemed to be shedding their outer layer in order to show their strength underneath.

Appreciating the double images that nature provides


One of the neatest things about traveling is seeing how the land can change from one area to the next. I was amazed to see the beauty of our own state and how different it was from where we live.