17 October 2010

Oregon trip :: Part 2

Although our main destinations were the Oregon coast and the Southwest region of the state, we found after visiting the coast and some of the surrounding area that we didn't feel like this would be the state of our future home. We did miss an opportunity to visit the Cob Cottage Company in Coquille, Oregon. Our attempt to be flexible and plan as we go wasn't quite as successful as we had hoped. I suppose a little more planning would have allowed us to achieve one more of our goals. 

Visit the ocean :: check
We chose a cold, wet morning to visit the Driftwood Beach in Florence, Oregon. My husband and I greatly enjoyed the ocean waves, but our kids were a bit overwhelmed by them, not literally of course.

 scout out little towns and libraries :: check
One of the towns we checked out was Cottage Grove, Oregon. On our drive around town we spied the library and stopped in to use the internet. The Cottage Grove Public Library was a quaint space with colorful reading nooks and a delightful space to spend some free time. As luck would have it, they were having a book sale too! After browsing we discovered some wonderful children's books (all for $1.50); Life in the Meadow by Eileen Curran, The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats, Moses the Kitten by James Herriot, and Ox-Cart Man  by Donald Hall. 

see a cob building to solidify our idea of what our home will be like :: unfortunately unchecked 
Our decision to drive north on I-5 to Sutherlin and then head over to Florence, Oregon instead of heading toward the coast farther south, kept us from visiting an exciting part of our adventure in building a cob home. 

:: Redwood Forest ::
A benefit of not planning every step is the flexibility to see some amazing sights. Instead of driving back the way we came, we decided to drive south into northern California. Not only did we witness some breath-taking redwood trees but also the plethora of plant life that grows within these forests. 

Our children enjoyed stopping on the side of the road and playing among giants.

It is important to take time to enjoy the small treasures in life even when we are in the midst of grandeur. 

Like crystals hanging from a chandelier, water hangs elegantly from mushrooms that grow on a redwood tree.