05 November 2010

art every day month :: week 1

[all drawings were scanned and might vary slightly in color from original work]

:: 1 November :: 
I love these bold markers that allow me to put so much color into a drawing. The plan is to work with this more and create a mixed media piece. 

:: 2 November :: 
My garden may not have provided as much produce as I had hoped but it has been transformed into a small patch of meadow. Peace for me is found when I hear the wind blowing through these stalks of grass and seeing the evening sun shine on the seed heads. 

:: 3 November :: 
I created the first image by combining two separate photos and then editing them to make more of a drawing. Honestly, the larger image was created on the 2nd and I had hoped for it to be my guide for a watercolor. As you can see, it was much better before my attempt to put paint to paper. Trees and I have an ongoing battle when I try to draw them. The original watercolor is best viewed from far away and at that distance your eye is allowed to trick you into thinking I might have captured the idea. 

:: 4 November :: 
"freedom to let the ink flow :: freedom to allow yourself to let go :: to move the instrument in this way & that :: not knowing if you will make something bold or quiet :: allowing yourself to put one more mark on it."

:: 5 November ::
I love the abc's! Since I was little, I would practice my handwriting by writing the abc's. If I get bored, they are one of my go-to doodles. Today, I had not planned to graphically display letters but my old friends really wanted to play! 

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Psst.. is anyone else an alphabet lover? Well, I have something just for you. 

 By clicking on the image above you can print out a coloring page for you to color in however you would like.  It's just a simple drawing but sometimes you just need something bring a smile to your day.