13 November 2010

art every day month :: week 2

This week was crazy! I took liberty with the term "art". 
You'll see what I mean. 

On our Oregon trip we combed the beach for treasures. I found a piece of grey driftwood that reminded me of a wishbone. I used blue and green to weave in my memories of the sea and placed a treasure on top. 

I have had this idea in my head for a while, and I was so glad that I found time to work on it. All the wood is from our yard and the leaf is from our "snowball bush".  Perfection is not something I need when I work on most projects, and this one screamed go with the flow. 

The kids and I made a few glass lanterns for Martinmas. On two, we chose words to brighten our winter days. Another day we melted beeswax and made our lanterns into candles. 

Most of my week has been practicing the "art" of clothing my children for the winter weather by knitting wool slippers and mittens in bright, cheerful colors. My husband decided to relearn how to knit, and I was all too happy to share my passion with him. He has finished a hobby horse for our son, slippers for our daughter and has started on a sweater! Having someone to knit with is delightful. 

Some of my "art" activities were in the kitchen where I concocted deodorant and roasted pumpkins that found themselves made into pumpkin bread with chocolate chips. 

Doodling is always enjoyable! This challenge has allowed me to experiment, and, even if the outcome is not my favorite, I find little bits that I like and can repeat in another piece.