31 December 2010

reflection :: 2010

2010 has been a year of exploring our skills and hobbies. 

Learning about green smoothies helped me to finally learn how to listen to my body. 2010 has been a year of learning that food plays a vital role in my life and which foods are good for me and my family. 

GardenMama made such an impact in my life this year: I'm thankful for the encouragement she gave me during her Wash Wednesday photo challenge this summer. 

My family has been my source of joy and laughter. They also let me be who I am and join in on the fun. 

My little girl became a playmate for our son. Though they do have disagreements almost everyday about something, when they hold hands as they play or laugh hysterically on the floor together, my heart just overflows. 

This year's garden looked so promising at the beginning, but as summer progressed the deer quickly came to claim it as their own, and we had only a little to show for it. A couple things I did learn this year in gardening were to let my kids help how they can and allow them to enjoy a simple combination of dirt and water. Yes, there was some hosing off and dirty laundry afterward, but the joy that came from it was worth it.

My son learned what it felt like to fly...

...and Papa couldn't have been more thrilled to be the one to show him. 

You might say that he loved it but you can judge for yourself. 

This year we learned that there are magical places if you take time to look. 

2010 :: learning to live a simple, dream-filled life together