11 January 2011

Winter wonderland

It is amazing how quickly weather can change. Two days ago my kids went ice skating for the first time and we came home to a sunny warm afternoon. 

Then yesterday we enjoyed the sights of 'snowflowers'. My son and I took a trip around the block, and the rest of the day was full of holding my little girl as she was not feeling well. 

Winter can be a joyous time :: to play like a kid again, snuggle up with a good book, work on some fiber art like knitting or try needle felting, experiment in the kitchen, plan this year's garden, or dream about big things while drinking something warm. 

Whether you wander out by yourself or with your kids just take a moment and look at the magical land of winter around you. Don't be afraid to dance with the snowflakes or slow down enough to listen to the hushed melody of their song.

May Winter's visit be a time to live boldly as everything is covered with a layer of freshness.