31 January 2011

inside out e-course :: week 1 & 2 visuals

The inside-out e-course has been amazing! Being a bold explorer is not something that comes easily but I am enjoying this challenge to step out and let go of the fear that keeps me from amazing events like this one.

Using cardboard as my palette knife, I spread colors that reflect how I felt. First, I plopped colors on my page and used the flat side of the cardboard to spread it down the page. Then, I turned my cardboard to where I had cut out sections to make a comb and danced it around, revealing rich colors underneath.

Learning to experiment with cookie cutters and different brush strokes while I layered paint of different thickness...

After a very long week, I felt overwhelmed and just needed to get my hands messy and let go of some pent up emotions.

One thing I have learned this past year is that we should not be ashamed to share how different and uniquely beautiful we all are.

Collage work is not something I do often, but it was so inspiring to find ways of encouraging myself to live boldly.