20 February 2011

take time to rest

rest :: something used to support; peace of mind or spirit

Finding time rest in our lives can be a tricky matter. This weekend, our whole family found different ways to find peace of mind. For example, ice fishing with a friend, roller skating like when you were a kid, sipping a hot latte while doodling in a sunlit room or having some precious time of silence. Every day we have responsibilities that can be rewarding, exhausting and precious all at once. But if you don't find time to recharge, you will get stretched thin and be of benefit to no one. 

So this week, take time to dance as if no one is watching, learn a new yoga pose, climb a tree or spend time writing in a journal. Only you know what will be restful and what will support you in being who you are meant to be :: a loving mother, a partner in a beautiful marriage, a faithful friend, a bold explorer, an artist, a writer, a singer. You are unique, and you deserve time to renew your spirit.

adobe odes by Pat Mora
excerpt from Ode to Women

"...The hum soothes wounds
with a mysterious melody that nestles
in the soul and harvests discarded 
stories, knits their threads 
into a shawl.

Listen, for when mujeres gather,
O when women gather
to hold hands together,
their hums rise and ripple, sway
like candles, a symphony 
of light.
The polyphonic harmony
melts bruises, guns, locks
rusted for centuries,
the hum of hope swells,
across restless seas,
gathers and rocks the globe."