23 April 2011

nourish :: to promote the growth of

 meal blessing from gardenmama's post Waldorf Table Blessing

Our family has been making some changes in what we eat over the past couple years. What we put in our bodies is important but perhaps I have overlooked another important issue, how we eat and prepare our meals. 
Setting the table with crisp cloth napkins
placing a water jug for easy refilling
a candle to light as you sit down to eat and to blow out at the end of your time together
creating a clean, organized kitchen for peaceful cooking
involving your family in making a meal together
taking moments to slow down while you eat and breathe deeply the scents of your food
sharing a moment of collective thanks for the work of growing, raising and preparing a meal
learning ways to understand where our ingredients came from
growing our own ingredients so you can see it through it's full cycle
taking the time to clean up after nourishing your body- which nourishes your peace of mind

These are a few examples of ways we have been able to make our meals more nourishing. It doesn't happen every time we eat but it is a goal, a hope for not only me but my whole family. I am learning how important it is to sit down and enjoy a thought-filled meal, whether it is just you or a table full of friends or family. 

Go beyond happy, live deliciously.