27 May 2011

letting go of the negative

Shannon recently shared about letting go. It seemed so timely as last night this idea came to me and I couldn't wait to work on it. I hope it inspires you to let go and use whatever medium you prefer to remind yourself that you are lovely.

Free-Spirit Journal :: Letting go and loving me

1. trace hands on paper with permanent marker 
2. use masking tape to cover hands to create texture
3. finish placing the tape 
4. write affirming words on taped hands
:: I wanted to let go of negative ideas about my hands and replace them with positive thoughts ::

(afternoon intermission)
paint nails because they deserve special treatment

I chose to paint images that came at the moment, while listening to this music selection.
I wanted it to be a visual reminder to love my hard-working hands (and to stop biting my nails).

"I am loved; I let love in.
I am kind to myself.
I live in peace & gratitude. "

This isn't about perfection, it is about letting go of negative thoughts and learning to love myself.

photo credit: my own ET