17 September 2011

29 time around the sun

I woke early to start my new year off with the sunrise. To breathe in a fresh beginning.

It is hard to see but hovering above my herb garden is a hummingbird
What an amazing sign to start out the day. 

As my family slept inside, I had a peaceful moment in the pink-hued morning on my birthday. 

photo credit : my 2yr-old (G) 

My family showered me with the birthday song all day. 
Meals that I did not cook, cake and sweet, simple moments of joy. 

:: A candle for each new season of my new year ::
I desire music and movement to return to my daily life
I hope for physical changes as I learn and experience herbal care
I seek to be in the moment with my breath
I am eager to remember the wonder of a dandelion wish

Monday was a beautiful sunny day. The rest of the week became cold, wet as if reflecting the colds that made their way around to each family member inside. I asked for a new understanding to healing and was quickly given the opportunity to learn and experience herbal care. My daughter and I made elderberry syrup- so much better than bubblegum or grape flavored medicine.   

There have been some amazing women having birthdays this week. 
If you were one of them,  I hope you too have a wonderful year. 
Happy Birthday