16 September 2011

a day reflected

I stand at the kitchen counter while I cut up my third batch of peppers this morning to put away for the season. I hear the kids in the next room dancing to the classical music that is recorded on our piano. I think about how I have danced to this music while holding my children since my oldest son was a baby. I stop cutting and choose not to hold myself back in order to get the peppers done right now. Instead, I race into the dining room and dance my heart out with my children. We laugh and flail wildly, limbs and head flying in all directions. They smile from ear to ear to see their mother dancing. My son tells me I am a good dancer. I rejoice and treasure his praise- I try not to think how little time I have until he is embarrassed by my wild dancing. My husband rushes in from his work at the computer while the song still rings through the air. We dance like fools, the four of us. Fools full of joy and love for each other.

from our trip to Oregon
October 2010

We have been sick for the most part of the week and today our energy is returning. Nothing intense just colds that caused us to slow down, drop our "routine", stay home and lounge through some sick days.

Today was different. The piano volume was repeatedly pushed to maximum volume, my kids jumped, laughed, fought and played together quietly.

Today we expanded after days of inwardly quiet. Today we were outwardly loud.

The rhythm of life, the music of our days.