01 September 2011

sparrow magazine

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"In each edition of Sparrow Magazine you will find articles written by a variety of healthy, interesting, and like-minded individuals. Topics will include fitness, healthy meal planning, organizing your home, meditation, artistic projects, and balancing your finances. Also featured will be stories of people who took a big risk, challenge, or adventure, and reaped big rewards.Sparrow Magazine will inspire you to live a grounded, nurtured life and push yourself to reach your highest potential. We at Sparrow believe you have to care for yourself and your home so that when the time comes, you have the energy and strength to fly."  ~ Emilie and Kelly, the Editors
I'm so excited to be apart of Sparrow's first flight and hope you will take the time to read and be inspired by all the wonderful contributors.  
Finding Your Voice Through Photography 
 "Everyone sees the world uniquely. Photography, at its heart, revolves around capturing your view of the world and sharing it with others. No matter your level of technical knowledge, you have an experience, you have something to share." [read more]