01 November 2011

a small taste

Our trip could be described with one word :: RELATIONSHIPS

During our trip we had the pleasure to visit with new and old friends as well as family that we seldom see.
Over the last few years we have felt at times alone, wishing we had people around that we could laugh with,  share who we are and find out who they are. 

The past ten years my husband and I have begun our lives together, finished school, moved states away from where we began, experienced great loss and stress. Our family has grown to welcome two precious children and a few pets. Our beliefs and dreams have stretched and bloomed. We have changed -together- and it has been beautiful. 

Yet, when you don't have a community around you it can feel lonely to experience it all. Friendships vary in lengths and depths but we need them. I needed to reach out and try again.  Perhaps you do too. It may be hard if you are searching but feel like you come up empty handed. Take a fresh look at those around you. It could be a neighbor or perhaps several, varying in age yet bring something special and unique. I would even say,  look in places where perhaps distance is a factor but support is present, like online. Wherever you seek, be brave and know that if you are true with your words and actions then you will find friendship that is nourishing to you and your friend. 

Slowly, I am finding or reconnecting with people who are apart of my community. People who inspire, who create laughter to swell up and burst forth, who are a source of energy as I recharge. I hope that I am returning their gift of friendship by being the friend that they need. 

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Take time to thank those in your life that make up your community. Join Shannon for thirty days of giving thanks. You might just be amazed by how many people really are making your days brighter.