12 November 2011

what's for dinner?

unrelated photo of delish blueberry-rhubarb cobbler
must learn to make this dairy-free which shouldn't be too hard

Lately, this question has sent me into a panic. Rather, anything dealing with food because my daughter and I are having issues with dairy. Her issues were more severe than my own, which allowed me the push to cut it out of our diets. Do you know what it is like having to cut something out of your diet only to realize it is in everything you cook or buy? I feel like I have had to relearn how to cook...again. My husband and son have been great in supporting us, as the whole family eats the same meals and snacks. But I feel like I have been at my wits end. So today we visited a library and I found two books to help me on this journey of (cow) dairy-free and visited a health food store for some experimental items. Last night my husband persuaded me to make mashed potatoes with our meatloaf and peas and I must admit they were good and diary-free to boot!

* Although our dinner didn't turn out as well as it should (cook's error) I wanted to share what we ate and honestly I plan to make it again, just keep an eye on it towards the end*

Tonight we are trying a recipe from The Milk-Free Kitchen : Living well without Dairy Products, 450 Family-Style Recipes by Beth Kidder

Chicken in Orange
adapted from The Milk-Free Kitchen

1 chicken breast, cut up
a bit of coconut oil
1/2 tsp ground ginger
2 tsp soy sauce
1 Tbs black strap molasses
3 oz frozen orange juice concentrate
enough water to make 1/2 ~ 1 cup water after mixing up ingredients minus chicken and oil
1 cup frozen french style green beans
enough brown rice for your family : cook rice per directions

Brown chicken in oil until mostly cooked. Add remaining ingredients and bring to a boil and simmer, covered.
Cooking times vary depending on chicken sizes. Add green beans 5-10 minutes before rice is done to allow beans to cook.
serves 4 (two adults & two small children but small meat servings)

 :: Keep the heat at med to med-low while simmering
 :: Keep an eye on the sauce towards the end.. ours quickly went from thin sauce to "overly caramelized" when I wasn't watching. 
 :: my kids were not a huge fan but that could have been because it had that hint of burnt flavor. 
:: my husband and I enjoyed it, it seemed like a sweetened stir-fry so I imagine it is flexible for what veggies you put in it. 

This may not seem like a meal to worry about dairy but I was using butter in everything and just having to switch the fats/oils seemed to put me into a tailspin. Having the recipe just helped me see beyond the (butter) "box".

Do you or your kids have sensitivities or allergies to dairy? I miss using butter and eating cheese, so if you are learning to cook dairy-free or finding options for non-cow dairy, please share I am all ears!