28 March 2012

spreading my wings

My husband and I have had some wonderful discussions lately and I feel like it is time to spread my wings and soar. It might take a little time to see the first official flight, but it's coming..the Spring air is calling out to me. 

a sneak peak at a watercolor/ink piece I have been working on

texture credit :: revolution by Kim Klassen

Soon I will starting two amazing groups

::  Joy Up  ::
"connecting to our Spirits of Joy"

:: Swan Dive  ::
 "creative adventuring and developing our creative voice as photographic artists"

texture credit :: music lovin by Kim Klassen

For now I have taken a leap of faith and sent out some journals to three amazing women. I won't see the journals again until September and I am trusting that their journey will be amazing and when they return they will hold the most precious treasure...honest, loving words and images from amazing women who share their unique wisdom. My heart is bursting with excitement! 

May this Spring season bring healing and new life to your heart and life