03 April 2012

healing arts

therapeutic :: Having or exhibiting healing powers

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Have you every experienced the healing powers of expressing your creativity? It can be a small and simple healing of the heart. Perhaps once, you sat doodling at your desk and a smile began to sneak across your lips as you felt the pen glide across the paper like an ice skater on fresh ice. Or you spent an hour of quiet meditation as you studied a single flower at different angles and photographed them all and at the end you felt completely at peace.

Art is therapeutic to the Soul. Art allows your inner self to breathe deep and release all that is there, hiding. You can find laughter, strength, joy, and love deep in the core of who you are when it doesn't seem anywhere in sight. And yet it is. 

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 Our society credits the great artists of yesteryear but we often don't realize that we too are artists. We don't all have the same style or ways of expressing ourselves but we are artists with an inner beauty that is aching to  spill out on the canvas of our lives.

When we take the risk to dip our brushes deep within and begin to paint our words and images, we will see the artist in ourselves and our authentic self with shine in the truth that we have a visual voice that is irreplaceable.

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Beautiful you,
Be kind to yourself as you allow your artist to emerge. Provide room to grow and to experiment with different ways of expressing the wisdom that is there, deep within.