02 April 2012


edited with pixlr express
A friend of mine loves to play, she has taught and encouraged many to do the same. I thought of her today while I played in some new ways. This month you will lots of playing going on over here and just so you know, perfection is no where on my list of things achieve. I am exploring and finding joy while exploring new paths in my creative journey. 
I am amazed at the resources available to people online these days for free. I never played with picnik but this morning I had so much fun playing with other image editors like pixlr express and PicMonkey. I found them an amazing resource although they can still be limiting for those used to the flexibility of photoshop that I normally use. They are however so quick and fun to play in. Swan Dive certainly will be a fun adventure!

edited with PicMonkey
May you all feel the river of joy fill your whole beings this month. 
To the Joy Up tribe, you are an amazing group of beautiful souls.