21 May 2013

studio view :: two

Most of my work in the shop has been photography which I love but over the last few years I have enjoyed painting with acrylics and mixed media too. Above are two pieces that I am currently working on. I'm more of an intuitive artist so I may have an idea as I start to paint but not always. My materials and inspiration guide the outcome. Although I hope the end result will be something to share, I find if I allow myself to play and experiment the paintings that come about are just as important for me as an artist. Time will tell if these two paintings will make their way into the shop.

And now on to a new piece that has made it's way to the shop. Bursting light is an 8x10 photographic print with a Rumi quote that I have shared before but now is available for you all. The combination of words of wisdom and artwork is nothing new... just take a look around pinterest! However we all have a unique way of sharing light and introducing wisdom in this world. I hope you enjoy the latest offering.

:: Now available in tenacious lace etsy shop ::

Bursting Light available in etsy shop
"There is a morning inside you waiting to burst open into light." Rumi

First morning light has an amazing quality to it that speaks of possibilities, hopes and dreams. This quote has been an encouragement for me to seek my own light and that my dreams are worthy. 

Each print is sent with a wish that you may see the magical light inside yourself and that it may find it's way out. 
 light & love