12 September 2011

to fellow explorers

Today marks the start for another inside out e-course. I may not be enrolled with this new wave of bold explorers but I feel connected to the adventure they are starting.  This e-course and Shannon are AMAZING! I hope you guys have a great time, as it sticks with you past the last day of the course. 

Inside-out e-course
I wish you life-changing experiences while you are on this guided journey. You have a wonderful leader who will teach you to listen to your inner voice, to play joyfully, to rest fully in the moment. 

You will continue to grow after the last assignment because you will have to need to express yourself in your own way, for yourself. It will be unique and beautiful.

You will discover other passions, areas you want to experiment in and you will feel bold as you take risks to follow them wherever they lead because you are listening and living. 

You will have others to share with, encourage, listen to and rejoice with as you all journey on a shared path that will fork later down the road. But even then you will hear, see and witness each other's steps and be filled up with joy because of this community. 

Enjoy the journey from the inside, out.